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Macaw Parrots for sale. +1 Private

1 week ago Pets & Mascots Phoenix   16 views


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Location: Phoenix
Price: $350

Buy An Alexandrine Parakeet Online. These parrots have large heads and long tails and are mostly green with a pink collar. They have red beaks and some red on their shoulders. Mature males are distinguished by a wide black stripe under its cheeks which is absent in females. They average 22.6 inches (58 cm) in length and weigh about 9 ounces (255 grams). There are 5 subspecies which are distinguished by slight color variations and specific native ranges, such as the Large Burmese Parakeet and the Large Ceylonese Parakeet. It is no surprise that these parrots were favored by royalty as they are strikingly beautiful birds. Their tail is often as long as the rest of their body, giving them a sleek appearance.

This parrot is a very curious bird, and its large and strong beak can do serious damage to your home if the bird is unsupervised. You should provide your bird with plenty of chew toys to attempt to curb this behavior. They will often destroy a toy within hours, so you will need to keep a good supply on hand. Despite the large and imposing beak, they are not problem biters. These birds love to bathe, but will only do so when they are so inclined. When a bath is offered, it may be refused if the bird is not in the mood. Continue to offer them baths regularly. Here’s a video of one in action in its tub.

Your Alexandrine Parrot should be fed a variety of foods, with a bias against sunflower seeds and other fatty substances. A pellet-based diet supplemented with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will work well. To avoid boredom, try not to offer the same food every day.